Locating Collective Agreement, Events, and Forms

Exploring The Members Area: In this tutorial, you will explore the Workerline Members Area and learn how to find your Collective Agreements, Forms, and Events for your Unit. To start, log in to your secure Members area navigate to the top right corner and click “Sign in”. If you have already registered, log in using your credentials. Inside the Members Area, you will find easy to navigate sections. Selecting “Event List” will show you upcoming events that you can easily add to your calendar by clicking “Find out more” and then clicking “Add to Google Calendar”. Selecting “Forms” will display all forms relevant to your workplace or role, such as expense forms and bylaws. Selecting “Collective Agreements” will show you Collective Agreements for each workplace you are associated with. Updating your password or information can be done in the “Your Profile” section. Getting your members to use the Members Area means less time spent on fielding questions such as “What does it say in my Collective Agreement for my workplace?”, and “Can you email me an expense form?”. Registering for the Members Area is done by either our mass-onboarding procedure when we complete your custom site or on an individual basis by clicking “Register” on the login screen. Once a member has registered a notification will be sent to an admin for approval of the registrant. This will prevent spam account sign-ups and will also make sure that new registrants are assigned to the right units so they only see information specific to them and their workplace. See our other tutorials to find out more about using Workerline for your union. How to Add and Edit Forms How to Add and Edit Collective Agreements How to Add and Edit Events How to Send Emails to Individual Members Or Units Visit our Youtube channel here. Strengthen Your Lines Of Communication with Workerline.