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About Workerline

Workerline was founded in 2019 with one goal in mind: to strengthen the lines of communication between unions and their members. Being able to reach your members in an instant is important, now more so than ever. Giving your members the power to access information about their units makes it easier for them to understand their rights.

We set out to build some of the most requested tools for unions in Canada and are especially proud of our online voting app, Our Voice. Our Voice gives unions the power to hold secure and remote voting for their next election. Adding candidates and questions to the Our Voice app is super user friendly. Customise your next election or use the Our Voice app to put out simple “yes”, “no” polls to get more feedback from your members. This is the ultimate tool for listening to what your members want. Read more about the Our Voice app here.

As we grow and shape what Workerline is we hope to collect information from union presidents and staff about what they are struggling with the most. We crave feedback about our features and usability andhope to get more opinions from unions as we grow. Read more about our features here.

To make a suggestion on a tool or feature please leave it below and be open to call from us to discuss further. All insight helps.