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Looking For A Better Way To Manage Your Union?

Workerline helps strengthen your lines of communication with your members

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Why Workerline?

  • Cost Per Member Pricing
  • Free Website And Marketing
  • Online Voting
  • Member Rewards
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Our Top Features

  • Secure Members Area: Members can login to access information from their units such as collective agreements, e-sign forms, and their representative's contact information.

  • ​Free Website: Workerline wants to help you showcase your union. We believe having an online presence is very important, that's why all users of Workerline have access to a custom free website with marketing efforts in place to drive traffic for new unit inquiries. We benefit when you benefit.

  • Online Voting: Our most exciting feature is the "Our Voice" app designed to allow you to digitally poll your members on anything from simple "yes", "no" questions to full board of director's voting. Our Voice is the best way to find out insight into what your members want.

  • ​Member's Analytics: Along with the Our Voice app we provide detailed analytics on your members. Information is powerful when used to make your union better for the people.

  • Member Emailing: Get information and notices out to your members fast with our mass emailing feature. From blog posts to important updates this will be a powerful feature for strengthening your lines of communication.

  • ​Rewards Program: Your members get access to the best offers and discounts from our rewards partners. From discounts on events and attractions to everyday food and retail purchases. We are constantly adding to our rewards program to benefit your members.

Showcase Your Union

  • CUSTOM WEBSITE FOR YOUR UNION Showcase all the great things about your union with a custom free website. We believe a strong online presence is important for you and your members.

  • DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE​ We are including Google ads campaigns with your custom site when you join Workerline. Driving traffic to your new site to promote new unit inquiries benefits you and us. We want your union to grow!

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What Do Your Members Want?

Find out with the Our Voice app.
Poll your members on what matters most.

Save money and time by hosting your next delegate vote online.

No more renting spaces or counting votes manually. Results appear in an instant.

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Our Rewards Program

We provide the widest range of rewards to your members.
Save on everyday and special purchases.

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Workerline is for all Unions no matter the industry.

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